As a homeowner, you may dream of the simplicity of renting.

You’re busy. You already have a full-time job, after all. You had enough on your plate before you had to deal with a sink that won’t drain. Or a leak in your ceiling. Or all of that preventative maintenance you know you should do, but haven’t started yet.

Your home needs a team: a plumber, an electrician, someone handy, and a few other specialists. A team you can trust to do good work and charge you a fair price. These experts should be easy to find, and easy to reach.

You need to describe the job once, and know that it'll get done.

That’s what we’re building.

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Start with our available tools

Enter details about your home to create a tailored maintenance checklist.

Maintenance Checklist

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Contribute to our product roadmap

Share your home's checklist with household members or your trusted pros.

Home Team

Share a scheduling link to allow service pros to schedule around your availability.


A single point of contact to help collect task details before sharing with your pros.

Digital Home Assistant

Keep detailed records of all of your home's maintenance and repair tasks.

Home History

Track energy use and build a plan towards lowering your footprint and utility bill.

Carbon Roadmap

What should we build next? What to share a home maintenance story? Schedule a 15 minute call with us.

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