Introducing Starling: The Home Maintenance App

Nov 20, 2023

With home ownership comes the responsibility of home maintenance. Just like your car, your home includes many complex pieces of equipment that need to be maintained in order to function properly. Taking care of these preventative maintenance tasks, along with the unexpected repairs that pop up, is a bucket of work that many new homeowners underestimate.

The home service industry needs to be repaired

When something goes wrong, where do homeowners turn? You may head to Google to search for a local plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician. While that water bubble in their ceiling is growing, you're are left wading through Google reviews or playing phone tag with several service providers.

For installations or renovations, you may try a posting to a marketplace. You answer a lengthy set of questions and enter your personal information to then browse through a list of service providers that seem to have paid to be at the top of the list. These service providers purchase the right to contact you, and so they'll call or email you repeatedly to try to earn the project and recoup their cost.

Most homeowners, however, resort to word of mouth. We've come to trust the reviews of our friends and neighbors more than what any of the online marketplaces offer. With just one or two recommendations, homeowners may be left waiting many weeks to get their project completed, or comparing between two high quotes.

We're building Starling to make this experience better for homeowners and service providers.

Starling is a collaborative home maintenance platform

We're building a home maintenance platform that you can trust. Starling makes it easy to track your home's maintenance needs, connect and schedule with vetted contractors in your area, and collaborate with a trusted property advisor that acts as your first point of contact.

Setup your maintenance checklist

Similar to servicing a car, there are preventative maintenance tasks that can help extend the life of your home. When these maintenance tasks aren't completed, it can lead to early and expensive repairs. We help homeowners avoid these unexpected repairs by setting up a preventative maintenance checklist tailored to your home.

Enter just a few basic details about your home and its features to setup a maintenance checklist tailored to your home. Throughout the year, you'll then receive reminders to complete this work. Use our home maintenance tool to assign and schedule these tasks, or jot down notes to make these recurring tasks easier to complete in the future.

Connect with local service providers

Similar to healthcare, homeowners rely on a team of specialists to keep a healthy home. You rely on the expertise of a local electrician, plumber, or handyperson to check items off of your list or help you out in the event of an emergency. This is a team event. We're making it easier for homeowners to build their team of trusted specialists, and work with them when they're needed. Open our home maintenance tool to send a message to your home care team, or schedule a home visit directly with one of your specialists.

Work with a trusted home advisor

In communities around the country, there are small businesses that help homeowners manage their homes. We're partnering with those home managers to connect you with a trusted home advisor. These home advisors act as the first point of contact in any home maintenance or repair issue. Send a message to your home advisor and know that they've got it handled for you. We can build a better homeowner experience by pairing Starling's modern software with the high-touch, local service that these home managers offer.

Launching publicly in early 2024

We're currently in private beta with a small group of home managers and homeowners. We expect to make an early version of our platform available to all homeowners in early 2024. Join our waitlist to get early access.

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Get Started

Get Started

Use Starling to track your home's maintenance and build your roadmap to lowering your home's carbon footprint.